Web Art Design

Web art design definition? Well, I am a web designer. My background is in graphic design but now I work for a web development firm. The projects I take on vary drastically. From simple WordPress theme customization to Drupal custom template to Magento skin development I design them all. I solve problems everyday bits by bits into a final product that showcases information in a visual way.

I am not really an artist. I don’t draw on papers. But if you give me a computer and Photoshop I can create digital arts.

There are some days where the work I do, is considered more than just an image on the screen or page. Some people call it a work of art. I am not so sure I believe it but it did get me thinking. Am I both a web designer and an artist?

To me, art and design each have a set of defining characteristics. And then there are all those things in between. Artistic design is a gray area where I would say most of the work by graphic designers is classified.

What is art?

  • Art is an emotional context.
  • Art raises questions in those who appreciate art.
  • Art has different meanings that can be different based on a personal experience and emotion.
  • Artistic ability is a talent that a person is born with. It cannot be built.
  • Much of an artist’s work is created and then displayed or sold.
  • Art has meaning but is hardly practically usable.

What is Design?

  • Design must be clearly defined.
  • Design projects aim to solve problems or provide information.
  • Whether it is information or function, design is a communicative media.
  • Good design will engage a person to do something or display a direct message.
  • Design can be taught and learned. You don’t have to be an artist to succeed as a designer.
  • Design projects are created for a client or purpose.
  • Design projects are planned and “designed” before the first actual graphic work is ever done.
  • Design projects have an audience in mind.
  • Design is collaborative.
  • Each design project has a purpose or practical usefulness.

What is Web Art Design?

Lets talk about web art designThere is a world where web art and design meet.  Web art design encapsulates creativity, feeling, question and answer, and newness. Web art design is both inspiring and motivating.

Web art and design, when speaking of visual projects, are inseparable parts of the big picture. You need the creativity and free-flowing thought that comes with the artistic process and the direction and collaboration of web design. Together these things will help create something unique and fresh that hopefully connects to personal intellect and emotion.

There is not a definitive right or wrong when thinking about web art and design. As a web art designer, much of what is published sees the light of day because it was in line with the client wanted. It fell in line with their style and their message.

What makes web art design good is often a matter of opinion. There are a few key elements that are more defined. Attention to details, alignment with color theory and principles or use of text are necessary. Generally, how well a project is received is simply a matter of taste. Check out the web art designers at Toronto Web Design agency DTW. Now, let’s discuss some practical web art design projects in this blog here.